We have a variety of murder mystery games.  Each game has a set amount of people. If you can't find a game you like, contact us to create a themed game and function for you. 

Twist Events is based in Auckland, New Zealand but if your event needs to be held elsewhere in New Zealand, we will try our best to accommodate you.  We also offer games you can download and host yourselves.     

Murder Mystery Games


 A pre-written game with a hostess for your event

Price:  From $800 for 10 people 

Prices may vary at different times of the year.


Choose from the murder mystery games detailed below. 

The Games


Mystery Masquerade

It’s 2018 and Auckland’s elite have been invited to the masquerade party of the beautiful heiress, Ariana Upton.   An evening of glamour, decadence and mystery – who will be revealed at the midnight unveiling?

For 30-80 guests

Mystery Masquerade
The Mobfather

It’s the opening night of Sal Russo’s new restaurant, “Romano” and all of his friends and relatives are there to support him.  It’s a mixed crowd with some rather unsavoury guests who Sal would rather not have there. As always, when the mafia are involved, there is bound to be some sort of drama.

For 30-60 guests

1940's Gangster Murder Mystery Party
The Roaring Twenties

The scene is set for an all night party at Victor Ford’s mansion.  It’s an elaborate affair, rife with opulence and glamour.  Even though prohibition is in full force, the alcohol will most certainly be flowing.  It’s the kind of night where anything could happen.  

This game can also be varied to suit a girl's only party.

For 10-70 guests

Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery Party
Murder on the Red Carpet

It’s the Moscars, the largest annual event in the NZ film industry.  An evening of glamour and showbiz, all the biggest names will be there.  Lurking in the background of director, Simon Snellberg’s, latest horror film is a real-life drama that he does not want to be leaked.  

For 30-80 guests

Disco Party Twist Events
Back to School

It's the Class of 1993's school disco. This party has it all - the bogans, the rugby jocks, the cheerleaders and the prefects - there's a role for everyone!  One of the guys never quite makes it, where is he and who is responsible?

For 15-40 guests

Twist Events 90's party
Wild West

It’s 1870 on the American frontier and the locals of Cripple Creek are gathering for the “Annual Cripple Creek Dance”.  Everyone is looking forward to a good hoe down and in true Wild West style, the guns are drawn and the lassoes are swinging. 

For 30-80 guests

Twiste Events NZ Wild West Party
Disco Fever

The party is swinging at the 1980's club, "Disco Heaven".  The fluro is in full force, the stilettos are strutting and everyone is out to have a great night. Somewhere in the dark corners of the club, some bad vibes are hanging around and it's up to the disco dancers to work it all out.    

For 30-50 guests

Disco Party Twist Events
Y-Knot at the Yacht Club

The president of the yacht club doesn't quite make it to the annual regatta.  He is found tied up and gagged.  Who had it in for him and why?

For 30-50 guests

Disco Party Twist Events
A Christmas Sleighing

Santa is hosting his annual pre-Christmas party at the North Pole. Amongst his guests are Candy Cane, Jack Frost, St. Nicholas and Miss L. Toe. Everyone is keen to get into the Christmas spirit but all is not well in Tinsel Town. Someone is harbouring a deep vendetta and it looks like Santa might get slayed.

For 20-80 guests

Christmas tree image_edited.png

It's the 1950's and in the small town of Bakersville, things are running awry. Some residents are painting their picket fences the wrong colour and others are not mowing their lawns according to neighbourhood regulations. And who is the mysterious lady on a yellow bike? When she is mysteriously found dead, the town's people are on a mission to find out whodunit. 

For 15-30 guests


The Bakersville Community Awareness Group