How A Murder Mystery Party Works

1. Choose a Game

Whether it's a 50th, a hen's party, a corporate function or a team building event, we will ensure that you have a murder mystery game with the right mix and a fun theme.

You will be sent out a character list so that you can either match up the characters with the guests yourself or you can leave it up to us to decide.

Approximately a month before the event, guests will receive a pack containing:

  • Their invitation;

  • Their character information - this will tell guests what character they will be playing, all of the secrets their character knows and any items they need to bring with them; and

  • A guest list of all the characters who will be attending the event.



Guests will need to organise their own costumes.  We can make recommendations in this respect.

2. At the Event

As guests arrive, they will be given a name badge and a pack containing all of their vital information.  There will be some time to role play in character.

Your host will then get the proceedings started.  At some stage, there will be the discovery of a murder.  Guests then have to spend some time in role play trying to work out who the culprit is.  The night will be interspersed with key bits of evidence and potentially some further crimes.

Towards the end of the murder mystery game, everyone will be given voting cards to say who they think committed the crime.  There will also be voting for best costume and character.  The verdict will then be read out and awards will be presented. 

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