How A Murder Mystery Party Works

1. Choose a Game

 Our games involve everyone playing a character. 

Guests then work in teams to solve "a murder".

Once you have chosen your game, you will be sent a character list so that you can match characters with the guests.

Approximately two weeks before the event, guests will receive a pack containing:

  • An invitation

  • Character information

  • A guest list of all the characters who will be attending the event.


Murder Mystery Function Wild West
2. At the Event

Guests arrive in character and the hostess will get the proceedings started. At some stage, there will be the discovery of a murder. 


Guests then work in groups to solve the clues and try to work out who the culprit is. 


The night will be interspersed with key bits of evidence and potentially some further crimes.

Towards the end, guests will be allocated voting cards to say who they think committed the crime.  The verdict will then be read out and awards will be presented.