Gatsby Roaring 20's Murder Mystery Party

Twist Events donated a murder mystery party game to our local primary, Three King’s Primary School to be auctioned off at the school quiz night. Rob and Jennie won the auction and after some deliberation, chose to host a Great Gatsby, Roaring 20’s party.

They had never been to a murder mystery party before and so this was a whole new adventure for them! Jennie’s brief was nothing too “risqué” and so I wrote a party that was as straight-laced as possible for the Gatsby era – which was a pretty tough call to be honest! I dropped in the usual love affair and a bit of mafia involvement but ensured that there were no surprises to be sprung on the guests!

Rob and Jennie are architects and have designed their family apartment above their business premises. They decked out their venue with stylish lights and even a New York night scene projected on the wall. Jennie had some red lights set up in the room where the “murder” was to take place that flashed when a button was pushed.

Everyone put a fantastic effort into their costumes and turned up in character with American accents. The barman, “Chaz Adams” served up Long Island Tea cocktails as guests arrived and did a brilliant job of staying in role the whole night and manning the bar area!

Throughout the night, we had a marriage proposal, a ballet show, a few songs from the jazz singer, “Billy Ray”, two arrests, and a fair amount of Charleston dancing.

The best character award was given to “Sara Mendez” who kept up her Spanish accent and pouting throughout the game so much so that we forgot who she really was. None of the teams guessed the murderer but had some great theories about who had swung the champagne bottle, including an accusation that it was the tennis player, “Serena Sharples”.

Thanks to Rob and Jennie for providing such a brilliant venue and to all of their friends for keeping the game alive and creating really believable characters. It was such a memorable night!

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